Library Board of Trustees to Meet

LEON-SAXEVILLE LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEE MEETING AGENDA                     DATE AND TIME:  January 25, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.


CALL TO ORDER:                                             24 HOUR VERIFICATION OF POSTING:                                AGENDA ADDITIONS:

PUBLIC COMMENT:                                     SECRETARY’S REPORT:                                     TREASURER’S REPORT/BILL PAYMENT:

AD-HOC FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE:                                       DIRECTOR’S REPORT:

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:                   Charge for bookmarks in Leon tax bills;                               Cost of cards/magnets for new landowners

NEW BUSINESS:                Offering hotspots for check out                                 Purchasing a movie license
Trustee purchasing procedure                                Trustee protocol for no call no show for meeting
Library Anniversary and Library of the Year award celebration

ADJOURNMENT:                                NEXT MEETING:  February 22, 2022                                               Judy Newland, Secretary

Do It for Dillon Training Class a Success

On 1/19/22, Angel Mueller trained those in this photo, to possibly save your life now that they know how to Recognize and Respond to Anaphylaxis.

L-R  Karen Syverson, Judy Newland, Jane Erickson, Angel Mueller, Craig Zimmer Collette Ross and Kent Barnard.   Thank you Angel.

Dillon’s Law allows ANY trained individual to carry and administer an epinephrine auto injector (EPIPEN) without fear of liability.


After losing their 18 yr. old son, Dillon, to an UNKNOWN bee sting allergy, George and Angel Mueller of Mishicot worked with physicians and legislators to make epinephrine (EpiPens®) available to anyone with training.  The Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund offers this 1-hour training FREE. Participants will leave knowing the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), how to administer WITH CONFIDENCE an epinephrine auto injector (5 brands) and proper storage and disposal. Out of pocket cost for the generic brand 2pack autoinjector using the “Good RX” coupon/app is $113.00.  This medication would have saved Dillon’s life. Seven lives have been saved by trained participants.

Wisconsin Lumberjack Legends with Chad Lewis

From Paul Bunyan to the Hodag, this program is filled with all of the Lumberjack traditions. superstitions, and legends. 

Tall tales of mysterious creatures lurking in the woods, boasts of supernatural feats, and every yarn told in-between, this program celebrates our lumberjack history.        Free Class and Refreshments will be served.

Sponsored by the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin.

Please call to Register by Tues.  Feb. 8, 2022  920-987-5110

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