Book Donations Accepted now.

The Leon Saxeville Library in Pine River will now take Book Donations in the hopes we can do a Book Sale this summer.

If you would like to donate books, please bring them to the Library before May 22, 2021.  Thank you.

Postcard Campaign

Dear Loyal Patron,                                                                                       March 2021

This spring, the Leon Saxeville Library and the Winnefox Library System is partnering with several Wisconsin library systems in a statewide advocacy campaign called “Libraries Step Up” to support public libraries in the state.  

This effort was created to counter the misperception that libraries have been closed during the pandemic. We want to communicate with our elected officials, highlighting the services the library has provided to the Leon and Saxeville Townships this year. We are asking our communities to step up for their library and make their voices heard through a postcard campaign. 

We invite you, as a loyal Library Supporter, to participate in this effort as well. You can pick up a postcard at the Library; please consider filling it out and sending it to one of your state legislators.    

How did the Library help you?  Why do you Love our Library?    Thank you for considering being involved!

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