Winners have been named!!

The Prize Winners are:      Julian Glass:  Digital Camera

                                           Everett Christensen:  Knex Swing Ride Set

                                           Maycee Hansen:  Crime Scene Forensic Lab

                                           Celia Christensen:  Set of 3 Science Experiments

                                           Vale Christensen:  Rock Painting/Slime Kit

                                           Marlie Storm:  Solar Robot Kit

                                           Mcoy Schenkenberger:  Sprinkler with Towel

                                           August Doro:   Bike

Way to go kids!  33 kids participated in the Reading Summer Challenge and over 7 weeks Logged just under 12,000 minutes--or almost 200 hours!  That is Amazing!

We also Gave Away 37 T-Shirts--it was a great Summer--full of Fun!


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