Pine River Library of Leon and Saxeville Wednesday | 10am - 7pm

The Town of Leon Library was a project suggested a a 4-H Club Meeting on October 2, 1959. Mrs. Edwin Jewell was the leader of the club and Darlene Taylor, a club member, chose the library as her project. Books were donated by local residents and shelves were built in the town hall and the library was officially opened in June of 1960.

A county library planning board was formed on April 2, 1961, with Mrs. Orville Booth as representative of the Pine River Library. This county library board worked with the Wisconsin Free Library Service of Madison for a period of two years and the outgrowth of these meetings was the formation of the Waushara-Green Lake County Cooperative Library Project, with a control center in the Berlin Public Library. The local library became known as the Leon-Saxeville Township Library.

Library Staff

  • Andra Mory, Director
  • Peggy Paasch, Clerk
  • Nancy Bertram, Clerk
  • Carla Willie, Clerk

Library Board of Directors

A nine-member citizen Board of Trustees governs the library. The Leon-Saxeville Township Library is a joint library for the townships of Leon and Saxeville, and the board reflects this. Our trustees represent the townships, county and school district.

The Library Board normally meets on the last Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 pm, at the Leon-Saxeville Township Library in Pine River, WI. These meetings are open to the public except as specified under Wisconsin law.

Town of Saxeville Representatives:

  • Jackie Straw
  • Janine Christensen, Secretary
  • Leah Hansen

Town of Leon Representatives:

  • Judy Newland, President
  • Gary Lawrence, Treasurer
  • Becky Horvath
  • Deborah Sattler, Vice-President

Waushara County Board Representative:

  • Bart Peterson

Wild Rose School District Representative:

  • Dawn Jewell

Policy: Each member term runs three years, at the end of this term; they can accept a nomination for a second term appointment. Following the second term, a minimum of one year must lapse before any retired board member is available for future nominations.